"I want to say that the wonderfully spooky ms. frances is timeless, but yet she would be right at home in berlin circa 1925, or paris in 1952, or greenwich village in 1968, or london now."    Frank Black

Betty has released one ep through Lost Toys Records, produced by Johnny Parry, the edition of 150 had a sleeve co-designed by Betty Frances and Andy Holden. 

Betty Frances

The Grubby Mitts are a five piece band born out of a teenage friendship, led by artist Andy Holden. The music the band makes is post M!MS (Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity) it is formed of short repeating loops, snippets from here or there. Built on repeated phrases, singing in unison and the sounds of children toys along with live instrumentation. 

Having recently completed a tour of artist run spaces around the UK, their debut album, a compendium of seven years of making music, comes out in early 2015. 

The Grubby Mitts

Johnny Parry has released five albums and an EP on Lost Toys Record, each one a musical expansion from the last. Working as the Johnny Parry Trio for live performances and the ‘LIttle Prayers EP’, Parry’s live ensemble swelled to a small chamber orchestra by the time of the release of the critically acclaimed ‘More Love & Death.’ It’s subsequent re-telling ‘Fields, Birds & Things’ was the first official release of the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra.  Parry Expanded the line up with a 50 piece choir for ‘Concerto Magnificent: An Anthology of All Things’ released in 2013. 

Johnny Parry

Buzzard Lope are a piano led trio who ploughs the rich fertile furrow first sowed by Tom Waits and Elliot Smith.The band’s melancholic pop is loved for it’s weight, grain, drama and melody. Something stuck in the throat, a late night bar lit by candlelight: with tender words and a sense of the absurd, Buzzard Lope attempt to fan flames that elsewhere are left to dwindle. 

Their latest release Pyrrhic Victories came out in 2013, prior to this the band released mini-album 'Daybreak' in 2010. 

Buzzard Lope

Ice, Sea, Dead People were more than content to punch through the ceiling to their peers with sharp riffing, rhythmic foreplay and peaking esoteric vocals. They released ‘Teeth Union’ to acclaim in 2010 after two 7” single releases. In 2013 the band released ‘If It’s Broken, Break It More’ once again to much acclaim with NME awarding it an 8 out of 10 review.  To promote the album ‘You Could Be A Model’ was released as a Picture Disc collaboration with Daniel Eatock and Andy Holden, which has gone on to feature in the book ‘Collector's Edition: Innovative Packaging and Design’ by Stuart Tolley. 

Ice, Sea, Dead People

If you are happy with your present existence, we have no argument with you. however, if you are tired of waiting for your life to change...tired of waiting for authentic community, love and adventure...tired of waiting for the end of money and forced work...tired of looking for new pastimes to pass the time...tired of waiting for a lush, rich existence... tired of waiting for a situation in which you can realise all your desires...tired of waiting for the end of all authorities, alienations, ideologies and moralities......then we think you'll find what follows to be quite handy. 


Ricky Leach presents haunting but compelling sounds - somewhere between doomsaying preaching and light entertainment. Studio conventions are abandoned in favour of an industrial lo-fi aesthetic. Second album ‘Yonic Totem’ comes from a long held fascination with the apocalypse ruminated upon through imaginatively processed musical forms and mordant lyrics. While the 3” DVD album ‘Doesn’t Like You’ is a funny and funky set of tracks, each with its own specifically made film including the nearly was dance floor hit “what is this music doing to my body”. 

Ricky Leach

Lost Toys Records are proud to be working on a new record with acclaimed artist and poet, Heather Phillipson due for release in 2015. 

Heather Phillipson

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